Interior Detailing

We offer two packages for interior car detailing: Basic and Premium. Our Basic Package is priced at $120, while the Premium Package is priced at $160. The Basic Package includes a thorough vacuuming, wiping down the dashboard and other surfaces, cleaning the seats, and cleaning the windows. Our Premium Package includes all of these services, plus more extensive cleaning and detailing, such as shampooing the carpets and seats, removing stains and pet hairs, conditioning the leather and plastics, and polishing the dashboard. (SUVS +40$)

Exterior Detailing

With our Exterior Detailing service, your vehicle will undergo a complete transformation, becoming a stunning reflection your commitment to its upkeep. Our basic wash starts at 50$, however you can add it to any interior package for an additional 40! For Additional Wax, Paint Corrections, or Ceramic Coatings please reach out to us!

3 Month Ceramic Wax 50$

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